Mobile Application only for South Korean Doctors, DoctorSlide!

It is a Lock-screen Reward service only doctors can use.

* Lock-screen Reward refers to a new concept service that access various information through smartphone lock screen and accumulates points when members have detailed view.

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Diverse information and benefits to meet on the first smartphone screen!
Only South Korean doctors can enjoy!

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

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Lock-screen Reward

Doctor-only application that accumulates points for unlock the smartphone!

Healthcare News, Magazine

Easy access to various information related to healthcare from the smartphone lock screen !

Doctor-only SNS

Share the opinion with other doctors about prescription, treatment and diagnosis!

Medical information search engine

Still Googling? "Doctor Search" of DoctorSlide searches for diseases, papers, and medicines at once!

Doctor-only social commerce

Purchasing Starbucks coffee to medical supplies with stacked points!


A donation that can help the neighbors in need quickly with accumulated points for busy medical team!

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Unlocking comes back with benefits.


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