DoctorSlide signed a business agreement with VTC Intecom, aiming for e-commerce business in Vietnam

Date: 2018.08.10

  • DoctorSlide, which develops and operates the healthcare digital marketing platform has signed a business agreement with VTC Intecom, State-owned Vietnamese e- payment service company.

    Under this agreement, DoctorSlide will be able to expand its business to the e- commerce in Vietnam.

    DoctorSlide has partnered with VTC Intecom and will establish a mobile service that introduces Korea’s fashion & beauty products to attract Vietnamese market, based on its ability to successfully operate mobile services in Korea.

    Choi Seo-yeon, general manager of DoctorSlide, said, “Through this business agreement with VTC Intecom, a state-owned Vietnamese company, we have been able to advance into the e-commerce market in Vietnam.”, “VTC Intecom's digital content and marketing capabilities are also secured.”

    VTC Intecom is a subsidiary of VTC, an affiliated enterprise of Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam, and a leader in electronic payment service in Vietnam. This company is engaged in IT and contents business in various fields such as mobile game and broadcasting contents. VTC Intecom has 16 million users in digital content services and more than 30 million users in games.

    Viet, Head of VTC Pay Center, said, “Through the agreement with DoctorSlide, VTC Intecom's excellent electronic payment service, VTC Pay, will be available to meet more customers.”, “With DoctorSlide, which has strengths in various fields ranging from product sourcing to service development & operation and network linkage, we will expand our business not only to Vietnam market but also to Southeast Asia, where Korean products are gaining popularity because of ‘Hallyu’.”

    VTC Intecom will support business by its marketing and platform sales capabilities, and plans to actively cooperate with technical support and R & D.

    The two companies agreed to conclude a MOU to form a concrete business roadmap at the end of August. In addition, DoctorSlide will set up a subsidiary in Vietnam to start an e-commerce business.

DoctorSlide, signed a business agreement with Table with Life... Expansion of premium food business

Date: 2018.04.13

  • DoctorSlide, which develops and operates the doctor-only application "Doctor Slide," has signed a business agreement with Table with life, Premium Food Curation Food Market.

    Under this agreement, DoctorSlide will be able to expand its business to the food market, following the operation of doctor-only expert platform services and technical alliances with overseas FinTech companies

    Dr. Slide, Park Tae-yoon, said, "We have been able to introduce organic premium foods to doctor members who have been tired of demanding work through a business agreement with Table with Life." "Through the linkage of fresh and healthy premium food and medical information data, we will introduce food therapy contents that promote health through various functions of food. "

    Kim Jae-hoon, CEO of Table with Life, said, "Following the contents that we are currently offering to existing customers, including ‘freshness real-time delivery service’, that is optimized for producer philosophy and NFC-based (‘flash tag’ nano-sensor), and various production-based contents, we are pleased that we can deliver the food information on the food to our customers by providing food therapy contents." With the agreement of DoctorSlide, who is in charge of the healthcare and electronic payment business in Vietnam, it will also provide a new basis for future overseas expansion of Table with Life.” he said.

    Table with Life will be an official sponsor of the 19th Jeonju International Film Festival held in May and will deliver the Table with Life’s own premium food and contents.

    Meanwhile, DoctorSlide will proceed the company presentation around May by inviting the local pharmaceutical companies, investors, and partners in Vietnam. The new access business will also be announced through this presenation.

DoctorSlide signed a business alliance MOU with M-Pay, a leading Vietnamese E-payment company

Date: 2018.03.02

  • DoctorSlide, a digital marketing specialist (mobile-based healthcare app), signed an MOU of business alliance and technical alliance with M-Pay, a Vietnamese local E-payment and E-brokerage service provider.

    With executing an MOU, DoctorSlide will be able to expand its business not only in Healthcare, but also in E-commerce and Fintec in Vietnam.

    Choi Seo-yeon, general manager of this project, said, "Through the business agreement with M-Pay, a leading Vietnamese payment market, it is meaningful that DoctorSlide has expanded the scope of technology to electronic payment business." In addition, we plan to speed up the healthcare, beauty care and mobile commerce business in Vietnam through a local joint venture as well as cooperation with M-pay in electronic payment business based on finance.

    Minh, the CEO of M-pay, has expressed hope that this cooperation lets M-pay expand into the healthcare business and become a leading company in digital healthcare business in Vietnam. Meanwhile, M-Pay, a company that engages in Vietnamese electronic payment business, is advancing its technology based on QR Code and is a leading electronic payment company that has recently formed a technology and business partnership with China's Tencent. In particular, it is evaluated as excellent in financial payment and security technology led by CEO and CTO.